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Under the Blue Shield Trio HMO and Access+ HMO plans, you must receive all of your care from the Blue Shield network of contracted medical groups and hospitals. You select a primary care physician within the HMO network. Most services are covered at 100% after you contribute the applicable copayment. Refer to the Evidence of Coverage for a detailed list of services, exclusions and limitations. You must live in one of the zip code service areas served by these HMO plans.

Trio HMO (Non-Medicare) Access+ HMO (Non-Medicare)
January - December 2018 January - December 2018
Summary of Benefits Trio HMO (Non-Medicare)pdf
Evidence of Coverage Trio HMO (Non-Medicare)pdf
Summary of Benefits Access+ HMO (Non-Medicare)pdf
Evidence of Coverage Access+ HMO (Non-Medicare)pdf
SBC Trio HMO (Non-Medicare)pdf SBC Access+ HMO (Non-Medicare)pdf
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  • Behavioral Health - call (877) 263-9952 for information about Blue Shield behavioral health benefits.
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  • Trio Telephone: 1-855-747-5800
  • Access+ Telephone: 1-855-256-9404
  • Website: blueshieldca.com/sfhss
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