Power of Meditation Series Videos


Practice meditation skills to aid with stress management. In this experiential drop-in 8 week series, participants will:

  • Learn about the benefits of meditation.
  • Identify and define key meditation concepts.
  • Practice body posture and breath awareness, the two most important aspects of meditation.
  • Be guided through meditation exercises

Please find the videos to prior classes below: 

Session 1: https://kp.qumucloud.com/view/2021-04-06-SFHSS-Meditation-Series-Session-1

Session 2: https://kp.qumucloud.com/view/2021-04-14-SFHSS-Power-of-Meditation-Session-2

Session 3: https://kp.qumucloud.com/view/2021-04-21-SFHSS-Meditation-Series-Session-3

Session 4: https://kp.qumucloud.com/view/2021-04-28-SFHSS-Meditation-Series-Session-4 

Join us every Wednesday by clicking the link below: