Flexible Credits

In addition to medical, dental and vision plan benefits, eligible Municipal Executives receive flex credits, which can be spent on a variety of pre- and post-tax benefit options, paid via payroll deduction. If the premium contributions for your benefit choices cost more than your flex credits, you may pay the balance from salary. If your benefits choices cost less than flex credits, you will receive cash back as taxable, non-pensionable earnings in your paycheck.

If you are a new hire, or newly eligible for flex credits due to a promotion, you must meet in person with a representative from EBS at the SFHSS office within 30 days of your start date. During your meeting with EBS you will review and choose your flex benefits. Call SFHSS at (415) 554-1750 to schedule your EBS appointment. Learn more about the Voluntary Benefts available.

If you are not making any changes to your benefit selections, and you do not wish to fund an FSA (Flexible Spending Account), you do not need to meet with EBS during Open Enrollment. Your current flex benefit elections (except FSAs) will roll forward year-over-year. To continue making FSA contributions, or to change your benefit choices, you must contact EBS annually during Open Enrollment.

If you do not actively purchase flex benefits with EBS, flexible credits are paid as taxable, non-pensionable earnings.

If you are going on an unpaid leave of absence, you may be responsible for making premium payments for selected benefits while no payroll deductions are taken. Contact SFHSS at (415) 554-1750 for more information.