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Challenge Dates: July 8 - August 18, 2019

The Challenge has Ended! 


Create your own Challenge with our Play Your Way Offline Tracker.


Start adding more play into each day by challenging yourself to track your physical activity for 6-weks.  

Download the offline tracker to help you make play the best part of every day. 

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Did You Know?

Exercise can make you feel happier, help with weight loss, increase your energy levels, reduce your risk of chronic disease and improve your brain health and memory!

Keep America Active Offline Tracker

Download an offline paper-based tracker if you prefer not to use the online platform.  Track at least 30-minutes each day, your way! 

Challenge FAQs

Learn more about the Keep America Active Challenge by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions.  

Physical Activity Resources

Stay motivated throughout the challenge by learning more about physical activity resources that are available to you as an SFHSS member.

Win Prizes with Keep America Active

  • Register Early

    Register by July 8 to be entered to win in Challenge raffles.

  • Enter the Weekly Contests

    Each week SFHSS will send an email to all participants. Each email will offer tips and tools to keep you motivated to stay active throughout the 6-week Challenge. 

    There will also be a weekly contest that you can participate in by submitting a response to . Instructions will be provided in the email and five random winners will be selected and notified each week. 

  • Participate with a Team

    Teams can be between 2-40 participants. Start a team or join a team to keep you motivated. 

    The teams that track the highest points (for logging exercise minutes/steps) will win a team prize at the end of the challenge!

  • Complete the Challenge Evaluation

    All participants will be invited to complete the Challenge Evaluation on the Keep America Active portal.  All participants who submit a completed evaluation will be entered into a prize raffle. 

  • Grand Prizes

    Share Your Story: 

    You'll be asked to share your Keep America Active experience at the end of the Challenge.  Share a story about your success in reaching your move more goals or tell us how the Challenge has helped you to make healthier lifestyle choices.  Sharing your story will inspire others!  

    Participants who share their story will be entered to win a grand prize.  


    Aim for the recommendation for activity at least 5 days of each week (for all 6-weeks):

    Aim to log 30-minutes, or 7,500 steps, per day, for at least 5 days per week.  

    Participants that meet this goal will be entered to win a grand prize. 


    Log 5 or more days each week.

    Challenges are designed to help you establish a healthy habit.  Keep America Active can help you to create a healthy movement routine that adds more play into each day.  Set a goal to meet and log in each day, so that you can see your progress as you aim to meet the recommended daily goal.

    Participants that log 5 or more days per week of the Challenge will be entered to win a grand prize.  


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