FSA Reimbursement Deadline is 3/31/19

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Use It or Lose It! FSA Reimbursement Deadline is 3/31/19

Do you still have a balance for your 2018 Health Care Spending Account or Dependent Care Spending Account? Make sure you submit all your claims for eligible medical expenses incurred in 2018 before March 31, 2019! 

Healthcare and Dependent Care Spending Accounts are governed by IRS regulation. If you have a balance in your 2018 Healthcare Spending Account between $10.00 and $500.00, it will carry over to plan year 2019. Any amount greater than $500 will be forfeited.

However, any balance left over in your 2018 Dependent Care Spending Account will be forfeited after the March 31st deadline. Go to padmin.com to submit your claims online or call P&A directly at (800) 688-2611

We recommend that you check back after your claim is submitted to confirm that your claim is accepted and approved before the March 31st deadline.

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Feb 8, 2019

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