SFHSS Member Focus Groups: Your Health Plan Options - 2021 & Beyond

Focus Group

At the July meeting the SFHSS team presented medical plan models to the Health Service Board (HSB) members. We also shared that we were planning engagement sessions to discuss the medical plan experience and models with SFHSS membership. As a follow up, SFHSS would like to announce that we are hosting 10 focus groups with SFHSS members throughout October and September at a variety of locations in San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda counties. The external facilitation team, Communities in Collaboration, has been critical in getting all of the sessions planned, organized and prepared for our Kick Off event that will take place later this month!

Focus Group Details:

What: SFHSS Member Focus Groups: Your Health Plan Options - 2021 & Beyond 

Why: SFHSS would like to learn more about member experiences with health benefits as they are today to better design future health plan options. The facilitators will present high level views of the health care delivery models discussed at the July HSB meeting to solicit member understanding and perspective.

Who: A diverse group of SFHSS members, partners/spouses and adult dependents who can speak to current and future healthcare needs as well as priorities for our unique membership groups. There are no current Medicare-eligible benefits being discussed during these focus groups.

When and Where: The focus groups will take place in September and October at a variety of locations throughout San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda counties during the lunch and after-work hours. There will also be one weekend option available. 

For questions regarding these focus groups, please contact  hs%73fo%63usgroup%73@sfgov.org " rel="nofollow"> hssfocusgroups@sfgov.org .

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Sep 11, 2019

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