Open Enrollment Coming Soon

Open Enrollment is when all San Francisco Health Service System members can make changes to their health benefits enrollment. The Open Enrollment period takes place each year during the month of October and is an opportunity for members to learn about important new benefits available as well as changes to existing Plans that may require attention or review. 

As a general rule, members can only make changes to their health benefits enrollment during the annual Open Enrollment period. There are however, Qualifying Life Events, that allow members to make changes to existing benefits or enroll in new benefits outside of the Open Enrollment period.  

Every September SFHSS mails out Open Enrollment packets to members containing information about benefits, rates and new offerings so be sure to keep SFHSS updated with your current mailing address. An easy and convenient way to update your mailing address is to submit a Change of Address form using the button below.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the next Open Enrollment period, which will take place in October.