Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

Woman outdoors

Holiday stress can seem overwhelming at times. With the major events that have happened this year, the holiday’s might seem different this year and cause even more stress. However, by taking charge and following a few easy tips, you can have a stress- less holiday!  

Acknowledge your feelings: While the holidays offer a time to celebrate and be together, there is no denying this year has been tough for many. Between Covid-19, the economy and everything else, you may feel out of sorts. Realize that these feelings are completely normal and it’s ok to feel them. If you need someone to talk to, reach out to an SFHSS EAP counselor.  

Stick to your budget: Holiday spending can cause stress, even for the savviest of shoppers. Reduce stress by planning ahead and sticking to your budget. Consider making a check list of things you want to buy and making it a personal goal not to buy anything that is not on your list. Another idea is to make your own gifts, such as homemade mixes in mason jars or a knitted a scarf.  

Maintain healthy habits: Just because it’s the holiday season, doesn’t mean we can forget all our healthy habits. Be sure to eat in moderation and stay active. Try focusing on improving relationships and making memories instead of indulging in not so healthy treats.  

Relax: If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take a few moments to relax. Even as little as 15 minutes alone may help you feel refreshed. Try finding a short activity you can do to relieve stress and relax, such as deep breathing, or stretching.