Executive Director's January 2024 Message

Executive Director Image

After a whirlwind 2023, I gladly welcome 2024 and all its possibilities. January is International Quality of Life Month. Rather than making any New Year’s resolutions that may be heavily influenced by the barrage of TV gym commercials, focus on improving your “quality of life” instead. Start by taking an honest assessment of your relationships, health, finances, and happiness. Try to forgive yourself if things did not turn out the way you had hoped.

The first thing you’ll notice is that you will need to carve out time to improve your quality of life. This is where a little creativity and goal-setting comes in. I like setting achievable micro-goals by starting small to build good sustainable habits. My friend and I used to sign-up for the walk-a-thons with the American Heart Association and Leukemia Society. There’s a saying that “showing up is half the battle.” Which makes the other half—logistics. Team training events coordinate the logistics for you. They tell you the dates, times, and locations of the training. All you have to do is show up. Team training was a great way to spend time with my friend, work out on a schedule, and support a good cause.

When my kids were in grade school, my girlfriend and I struck a deal with our husbands. They would take the kids to the Exploratorium on Wednesday nights when it was free and on Sunday mornings to the Giants ballpark to see the progress while it was being built. This arrangement gave me time for self-care, so I could work out, run errands, or read a good book.

Improving your quality of life takes initiative and planning in the area that matters most to you. If you have financial anxiety or dreams of an early retirement, you can increase your contribution to your Deferred Compensation Plan. Trust me, you can always use more money in your retirement. Dental insurance is not covered by your SFHSS retirement benefits, and few people seem to understand there are higher healthcare costs when you retire before you’re Medicare eligible.

Let what brings you joy, peace of mind, and happiness be your guidepost for prioritizing how you can improve your quality of life.

Be well,

Abbie Yant, RN, MA