Photo of two people jogging through Fort Mason Park.

Mission and Values

Our membership’s rich diversity requires us to design and influence the delivery of healthcare services in ways that meet their unique needs. We look to methods that provide quality care for members when they become ill or develop a chronic condition and support members throughout their life course to maintain well-being.

We take into consideration the whole person, social determinants, quality and clinical outcomes. As we approach whole person care in an ever-increasingly complex system, our goal is to deliver services that maintain health and well-being; and that our members receive the right care in the right setting. 

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values will guide us through this era of innovation, disruption and uncertainty in an increasingly complex world of healthcare.

We are guided by our mission, which is dedicated to preserving and improving sustainable, quality health benefits and to enhancing the well-being of members and their families. 

Our vision respects the whole person's well-being in offering supportive programs and services that enable positive engagement and health experience.

What drives us are our core values, which are enduring, and the unwavering guide to fulfilling our goals and objectives.

  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Stewardship
  • Inclusivity
  • Collaboration