Requests for Bids, Quotes, Proposals and Qualifications

The following includes any current, past and projected future request for proposals, bids, quotes, qualifications, and information from the San Francisco Health Service System.




RFP for Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services for Active Employees, First Responders and Frontline Personnel of the City and County of San Francisco (FY2021-22)



RFP for Drupal Website Design and Support (FY2021-22) - Tech Marketplace Procurement




The following requests for proposals, bids, quotes, qualifications and information, issued by the San Francisco Health Services System, have closed.

Unauthorized Communications

The San Francisco Health Service System has implemented a period of unauthorized communications, from the onset to the conclusion of a selection process for a primary service provider, during which communications between Heath Service Board Members, and potential service providers seeking contracts with SFHSS, are prohibited.

The period of unauthorized communications and activities for the upcoming SFHSS Medical Plan RFP and the SFHSS rates and benefits process for the 2022 plan year, is in effect and ongoing

Communications and activities include face-to-face conversations, conversations through one or more third-parties or intermediaries, telephone conversations, emails, text messages, letters, faxes or any other social media, written or electronic communications.