Board Annual Rates and Benefits Cycle

The Rates and Benefits Cycle is the annual renewal of Plan changes and premium rates. It guides the goals and objectives for the Board so they can carry out the stated SFHSS Mission. The annual process takes place at public Board meetings between February and June of each year. All approved Plan changes and premium rates are subject to final approval by the Board of Supervisors (BOS) in July of each year.


  • January-Release Rates and Benefits Calendar for proceeding Plan Year
  • February through June-Review and approve current health plans for active, early retirees and retirees including health, dental, vision, and voluntary benefits
  • July- Rates and Benefits package reviewed by the BOS Budget and Finance Committee and confirmed by the Board of Supervisors
  • September- SFHSS mails out Open Enrollment packets to members containing information about benefits, rates, and new offerings.
  • October-Open Enrollment is when SFHSS members can make changes to their health plan enrollments
  • December-SFHSS confirm membership selections that will be effective January

Rates and Benefits Calendars