Health Service Board Commissioners

The Health Service System Board consists of seven members. Three Commissioners are elected by members of the Health Service System. Four appointed Commissioners are comprised of a San Francisco Supervisor, two selected by the Mayor, and one selected by the City Controller. Health Service Board Commissioners also serve on one of two Committees: the Governance Committee or the Budget and Finance Committee. The Committee terms are adjusted on an annual basis. 

Full Board

  • John Cremen: Elected, 5-year term, June 2024-May 2029
  • Supervisor Matt Dorsey (District 6): Board of Supervisor Appointee, 5-year term May 2023- May 2028
  • Stephen Follansbee, M.D.: Mayoral Appointee, 5-year term May 2020-May 2025
  • Mary Hao: Mayoral Appointee, 5-year May 2023-May 2028
  • Art Howard: Elected, 5-year term, June 2024-May 2029
  • Gregg Sass: Controller Appointee, 1-year term, May 2024-May 2025
  • Claire Zvanski: Elected 5-year term, May 2020-May 2025


  • Governance Committee Members: Hao (Chair) and Zvanski
  • Finance and Budget Committee Members: Follansbee (Chair)



How to Apply for a Seat:

For seats that are filled by active/retired SFHSS membership, please contact the Health Service Board Secretary for upcoming election dates/information.

For seats appointed by the Mayor, interested persons may contact the Mayor’s office for more information:  All applicants must be residents of San Francisco unless otherwise stated.

For seats appointed by the Board of Supervisors, interested persons may obtain an application from the Board of Supervisors website at or from the Rules Committee Clerk, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244, San Francisco, CA 94102-4689.  Completed applications should be submitted to the Clerk of the Board.  All applicants must be residents of San Francisco unless otherwise stated.

For seats appointed by other entities, or to confirm the appointing body for vacant seats, contact the commission contact person listed above.