Activities For Employees

Activities raise awareness around healthy behaviors and emotional well-being as well as demonstrate the organization’s support employee well-being. Examples of Activities include screenings, seminars, coaching, and group exercise classes. For a full list of activities, review the Activities Description List. Activities can be ordered anytime throughout the year. 

Online Classes & Webinars

There are several free online “Live” classes and seminars you can participate in. View offerings on the events calendar.

Group Exercise Classes

Please check out our online classesClasses are offered at no cost and are open to City & County of San Francisco, Superior Court, San Francisco Unified School District and City College employees. They are sponsored by the San Francisco Health Service System (SFHSS) and/or City departments. 

Request An Activity

Please check out our online classes. SFHSS in partnership with our City departments, offers a variety of well-being events and activities around the City that are offered at no cost.

Upcoming Events
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