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There has been a dramatic shift over the past four years in the state of workplace mental health, which has only been accelerated by a global pandemic, racial justice, and workplace stress and burnout.  Work is one of the leading causes of stress for adults in the United States and job-related stress is linked to poor mental health. When stress is not managed, it can pose serious concerns for your physical and mental health and lead to burnout. Headspace’s 2024 Workforce State of Mind Report, 77% of employees say that work stress has negatively impacted their health. Work stress is often unavoidable, but we can learn healthy ways to manage our stress and mental health at work.

During Mental Health Awareness Month this May, SFHSS supports this national movement by reducing stigma, educating our members, and providing support.

Your mental health journey starts with a single moment, so Don’t Wait—Reach Out  for help. Hear from our city leaders on where you can get started. No matter where you are on your mental health journey, we encourage you to seek out many of the free tools and resources available to support your mental health and well-being.


Mental Health Awareness Don’t Wait—Reach Out Campaign



Don't Wait - Reach Out


EAP - FREE Tele-Counseling 24/7

Call: (628) 652-4600. Counselors are available for individual confidential telephone counseling and consultations for active employees.

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National Suicide Prevention 

Lifeline, a 24/7 hotline can be reached at 988 or 800-273-8255 


Health Plan Providers

Find Mental Health resources and support from your health plan provider. 

Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being Resources


What's Your Mental Health Profile? Take the assessment to learn more

CredibleMind Starting Therapy Series: Each resource is designed to be accessible and easy to follow, so that you can begin your journey with confidence.

Helpguide.org: An independent nonprofit that provides free mental health education and support.

Working While Black Healing Circle is a private and non-judgmental place for employees to share chronic and acute experiences of racial trauma. 

First Responder Resources: Police, Fire, Sherriff, & DEM 911 Dispatch for easy access to Mental Health and Substance Abuse benefits information.  

Mindfulness + Meditation: These sessions offer accessible, stress-relieving, and moments of clarity for the modern-day overstretched mind. Join us every Tuesday & Thursday at 3pm.

SFHSS Employee Assistance Program: EAP Counselors are available for individual confidential telephone counseling and consultations for active employees. Call: (628) 652-4600.

Learn More About Your Mental Health Benefits Through Your Health Plan



  • You are able to access mental health and substance abuse benefits directly without going through your primary care physician. See your induvial health plan for how to access your benefits today.
  • If you have difficulty accessing care, contact an SFHSS EAP Counselor for help navigating your benefits. Email eap@sfgov.org

Mental Health Services from your Health Plan

Show Your Support

SFHSS has created Mental Health Awareness Month virtual backgrounds for employees to use during their virtual meetings. Click here to access the backgrounds as shown below.