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How to Make a Payment

Don't Risk Termination of Your Benefits


  • you need to make healthcare contributions to SFHSS while on an unpaid leave of absence or
  • you a retired employee who has to mail a premium payment to SFHSS every month

SFHSS will not be able to collect payments for your health premiums from payroll or your retirement system. Our rules state that members are responsible for all required healthcare contributions, whether or not they are deducted from pay or pension checks. Therefore, you are responsible for arranging regular payments of your healthcare premiums in a timely manner. 

You can make your credit card or electronic check payments directly through the City and County of San Francisco's Payment Portal, the City’s secure online payment system, which allows you to manage your payments at your convenience, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

SFHSS members are responsible for making their own payments through the San Francisco Payment Portal.

Get started today!

Set up your San Francisco Payment Portal account by going to

If you have not used the City's Payment Portal before, you will need to create an account before setting up recurring payments. To set up a new account, download the SF Payment Portal Instructions.


Health Service Rules require termination for accounts that remain past due for more than 30 days. The termination date is retroactive to the first day of the coverage period when premium payment was missed. Upon termination, you are responsible for healthcare service costs incurred after your termination date. You may re-enroll in an SFHSS health plan during the next Open Enrollment period in October or when you return to work after an approved Leave of Absence. 

Questions? Call us at (628) 652-4700 or visit We’re here to help you.

As of April 1, 2020, SFHSS will no longer process AutoPay transactions (i.e. accept payments directly) to pay for healthcare premiums. All credit card payments (one-time and recurring) will include a 2.25% service fee ($2.00 minimum). There are no service fees for payment by electronic check.