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SFHSS recognizes that the transition to retirement is an extremely important part of your career, life and future plans and is therefore different for everyone. At SFHSS, we have three categories of retirement that eligible employees can pursue:

  • Employees Getting Ready to Retire
  • Retirees without Medicare
  • Retirees with Medicare

Employees getting ready to retire are simply active employees who are eligible to begin the process of retirement and are preparing to start the formal transition of their existing active employee benefits to retirement benefits.

Retirees without Medicare are employees who are eligible for an early retirement, a process recognized by their specific union or employer but they are under the age of 65, which is the age that individuals become eligible for Medicare benefits.

Retirees with Medicare are current SFHSS members who are retirees, age 65 or older and receiving Medicare benefits from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

To help you determine what category you are eligible, we recommend that you start by taking a look at the different Retirement pages below to learn more about eligibility and the process.

You should also watch our Pre-Retiree video that provides a thorough overview of the retirement process and explains some of the things that you are responsible for initiating and completing before retirement. There are very important deadlines mandated by Medicare that you will want to be aware of in advance of your 65th birthday so that you do not face a gap in coverage between transitioning from active employment to retirement status.

Next, read through the New Retiree Enrollment page for a summary of the most important deadlines and next steps on initiating the process of transitioning from active employee benefits coverage to retiree benefits coverage.

We also recommend that you begin preparing by attending one of SFHSS' Pre-Retiree Seminars, which are offered throughout the year, that all employees eligible for retirement within two years can attend. 

Finally, you can call or visit us in-person for a consultation and overview of the retirement benefits process. 

On behalf of San Francisco Health Service System and the Health Service Board, we thank you for your service and wish you and your family a happy, healthy and enjoyable retirement.

Posted On

Jan 6, 2020