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Eligible San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) employees may enroll themselves and their eligible family members in an SFHSS administered medical plan. Enrollment must take place within 30 days of the start work date, no later than 30 days after a qualifying event, or during the annual Open Enrollment period, which takes place each year during the month of October.

*IMPORTANT UPDATE* We are aware that some SFUSD members may have had their health coverage terminated in error due ongoing system issues. SFHSS is working closely with SFUSD administration to address these issues. If you believe your health coverage was terminated in error, please call SFHSS immediately at (628) 652-4700 and press option 1 for benefits questions, then press option 3 for dedicated SFUSD support.

Eligibility Rules

The following are eligible to participate in the San Francisco Health Service System as members:

  • All regularly scheduled provisional or temporary exempt employees of the SFUSD whose normal scheduled work week at date of hire is not less than 20 hours.
  • All other employees of the SFUSD, including “as needed” intermittent or substitute temporary/temporary exempt employees, who have worked at least 20 hours a week in a consecutive 12-month period may be eligible under the Affordable Care Act.
  • All members of the San Francisco Board of Education boards during their time in service to the SFUSD.
  • All other employees who are deemed 'full-time employees' under the shared responsibility provision of the federal Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (Section 4980H).

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SFUSD employees can choose from Health Net CanopyCare HMO, Blue Shield of California Access+ HMO, Blue Shield of California Trio HMOKaiser Permanente HMO or Blue Shield of California PPO health plans.

Please note that Health Net CanopyCare HMO, Blue Shield of California HMO and Kaiser Permanente HMO require enrollees to live or work in a zip code serviced by their plan. Blue Shield of California PPO does not have service area requirements.


All SFUSD members and their dependents who are enrolled in an SFHSS medical plan are automatically enrolled in VSP's Basic Plan at no additional cost. We also offer an enhanced plan called the VSP Premier Plan at an additional cost based on the number of members enrolled in coverage.

If you do not enroll in a medical plan, you and your dependents cannot access VSP Vision Care benefits.

Additional Benefits

Eligible SFUSD employees may qualify for additional benefits, such as dental coverage and flexible spending accounts, which are administered by the SFUSD Benefits Team.  For more information, please visit the SFUSD Employee Intranet at or submit a help/inquiry ticket at

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Apr 29, 2024