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The SFHSS Well-Being Team helps our members (employees, retirees, and family members) feel, live, and be Better Every Day. We encourage and facilitate well-being by raising awareness, providing programs, services, and tools, and striving to create a supportive workplace culture.

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Executive Director writing a message

May 30, 2023

Executive Director's June 2023 Message

June is the most colorful month in San Francisco. The streets come alive with PRIDE. This year’s theme for Pride Month is “Looking Back and

Executive Director Writing Message

May 1, 2023

Executive Director's May 2023 Message

Have you noticed that it is increasingly common to have a conversation about mental health? Back in pre-pandemic times, mental health was often a taboo topic

Photo of a woman's hand writing on a pad with a black pen.

April 4, 2023

Executive Director's April 2023 Message


Spring in San Francisco is always a treat. I’m looking forward to seeing the wildflower blooms from all the recent rain on my hikes. I

Executive Director Writing

April 13, 2023

Executive Director's March 2023 Message

Just last week, I was enjoying some Danish cookies a co-worker brought into the office and realized that I may need to cut back on my

Executive Director Writing

March 1, 2023

Executive Director's February 2023 Message

February is heart month, symbolizing the human capacity for LOVE. From a health perspective, we emphasize heart health and encourage all to mitigate risk factors that

Executive Director Writing Message

April 13, 2023

Executive Director's January 2023 Message

Happy New Year! After a year of navigating through returning to work at the work site, lifting of mask mandates, continued COVID surges and dips and

Executive Director Writing Message

December 1, 2022

Executive Director's December Message


The holidays are upon us. With all the anticipation that accompanies them, this time can be stressful in many ways, which is why it is

Executive Director Writing a letter

April 13, 2023

Executive Director's November Message


Thanksgiving is around the corner. I just returned from the East Coast where the Autumn leaves color the landscape and give rise to the quiet

Executive Director Writing

October 6, 2022

Executive Director's October Message

It’s Open Enrollment time, and there’s a buzz and excitement around the SFHSS office as we answer your calls. I really hope each and every one

Executive Director Writing

September 1, 2022

Executive Director's September Message

Fall is my absolute favorite time in San Francisco. It’s often sunnier in September than the summer months. As the weather begins to drastically change in

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