Two houses. The first house has an arrow pointing to the second house to the right. Indicates that they've moved.

Change of Address

San Francisco Health Service System members must notify SFHSS of a change in their mailing address. Click the button below to complete the Change of Address form. 


If you are a retired SFHSS member, you must change your address separately with your retirement system.  Likewise, if you have already changed your address with your retirement system, you must also change your address with SFHSS as privacy rules prohibit your information from being shared between agencies.


If you move your primary residence to a location outside your health plan’s service area, you cannot obtain services through that plan. Do not risk termination of coverage. You must enroll in a different SFHSS plan that offers service based on your new address.

Complete an SFHSS Application to elect a new Plan within 30 days of your move. Coverage under the new plan will be effective the first day of the coverage period following the date SFHSS receives your enrollment application and any required documentation.

SFHSS is here to help. Contact us with your questions at (628) 652-4700.