Executive Director's June 2023 Message

Executive Director writing a message

June is the most colorful month in San Francisco. The streets come alive with PRIDE. This year’s theme for Pride Month is “Looking Back and Moving Forward,” which is fitting. We may live or work in one of the most progressive cities in America, but it’s important to remember our history and make room in our hearts to continually grow. There are some great events this month, so get your friends and family together and check them out.

We need more reasons to get together with friends and family these days, so I LOVE that San Francisco is never short on events or things to do around town. The Surgeon General recently shared the devastating impact of loneliness and isolation in the United States. This epidemic has increased our risk of heart disease by 29%, Stroke by 32%, dementia by 50%, and premature death by more than 60%.

According to the May 2021 American Perspectives survey from the Survey Center on American Life, men experience more loneliness. June is Men’s Health Awareness Month. Please take time to encourage the men in your life to get their annual health check-ups and preventative screenings. I always get on my husband’s case and remind my sons to schedule their annual exams. It’s also a great time to be intentional about including and inviting the men in your life to attend more social gatherings, eat healthier together, or go on walks together more, so they can increase their social connections.

The best medicine to combat our alarming epidemic of loneliness is completely free—we need more social connections. Whether you’re heading out to celebrate PRIDE or to spend time with those you love, June is a wonderful month to enjoy life with others.

Be well,

Abbie Yant, RN, MA