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In the event of a member’s death, the surviving dependent or survivor’s designee should contact SFHSS to obtain information about eligibility for survivor health benefits.

To be eligible for health benefits, the surviving spouse or domestic partner of an employee must have been married to the member, or registered as the member’s domestic partner, for at least one year prior to the death of the member. The surviving spouse or domestic partner of an employee member hired after January 9, 2009, may not be eligible for SFHSS benefits. Other restrictions apply. Upon notification of a member’s death, SFHSS will send instructions to the spouse or partner, including a list of documentation required for enrolling in surviving dependent health coverage. To avoid a break in coverage for survivors who were enrolled in SFHSS benefits at the time of the member’s death, the following must be submitted to SFHSS within 30 days of the member’s date of death:

  • Completed surviving dependent enrollment form
  • Copy of member’s death certificate
  • Copy of certificate of marriage or partnership
  • Copy of survivor’s Medicare card (if survivor is Medicare-eligible)

A surviving spouse or partner who is not enrolled on the deceased member’s health plan at the time of the member’s death may be eligible for coverage, but must wait until the annual Open Enrollment period in October to enroll. Surviving dependent children of a member must meet eligibility requirements for dependent children and be enrolled at the time of the member’s death and are only eligible for benefits under a surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner.

Surviving dependents of a deceased employee covered by the employer paid life insurance may be able to access life insurance benefits including Funeral Concierge Services . More information about employer paid life insurance is available here. Contact the Hartford at (628) 642-4700. Documents needed for Life Insurance Benefits:

  • Name of deceased's bargaining unit
  • Certificate of marriage or partnership
  • Copy of death certificate