Identifying Key Players

Why it's Important to Have Key Players

Well-Being in the workplace starts with making sure departments have identified Key Players who can help lead the way in bringing well-being resources to their workforce. Key Players are defined as well-being ambassadors that make up the four city employers within the City and County of San Francisco. These include: CCSF, CCD, CRT and USD.  

By having Key Players identified for each department, the San Francisco Health Service System's Well-Being Team is able to:

  • Consult directly with departments to understand the needs of their employees
  • Develop a customized approach to well-being that is more suited for each department's environment, culture, and workforce
  • Provide support in developing a well-being strategy that is aligned with the department's priorities

Did You Know?

Ideally, at least one person from leadership is identified to be a Department Lead and at least one employee is identified to be a Champion.  Larger departments should consider multiple Champions to represent different locations/divisions, aiming for 1 champion for every 200 employees. 


Key Players are Essential for Well-Being@Work:


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Learn more about the tools that can help you raise awareness, offer programs, and create a culture of well-being in your department.

  • Resources

    Onsite Activities

    Bring well-being to your workplace by requesting onsite activities that will engage employees in well-being.

    Key Player Training

    Stay up to date with well-being resources you can implement at your worksite and meet other Well-Being Champions and Department Leads by attending quarterly training's hosted by SFHSS Well-Being Team. 

  • Recognition


    Spotlights provide the opportunity to highlight programs and the individuals/groups that promote well-being.  Learn more and nominate a program at your workplace! Start by completing the nomination form.

    Department Awards

    Well-Being@Work Awards recognize departments that are taking steps toward making employee well-being a priority in the workplace.  Awards recognize departments that make an exerted effort to strategically impact the well-being of their employees, following guidelines and best practices provided by the SFHSS Well-Being Team. In order to receive an award departments must have a Well-Being@Work Annual Plan in place.

  • SFHSS Well-Being Team

    We're Here to Help

    Contact a Well-Being@Work team member for additional support in bringing well-being to your workplace: