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Pregnancy & Lactation Benefits

Prepare for your new baby: Take advantage of what your health plans offer.

If you are pregnant or lactating, your health and dental plans offer a variety of no cost services to help the health of you and your baby. Make sure to consider taking advantage of cost-saving Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for your family’s healthcare (including breastfeeding supplies) and childcare expenses. Enroll your baby!

For a newborn or adopted child, submit a completed SFHSS enrollment application, a copy of the birth certificate or adoption documentation, and Social Security Number within 30 days from the date of birth or adoption placement.

Remain covered while you’re out! If you take any unpaid leave as part of your maternity/paternity leave, maintain coverage by contacting SFHSS at (628) 652-4700 within 30 days of the unpaid leave to make sure employee premium contributions are paid.

Pregnancy Support

Blue Shield Members

Early prenatal care can help keep you and your baby healthy. The Prenatal Program is designed to be a resource for you based on your needs. When you enroll, you'll get access to educational materials for you to use before, during and after your pregnancy. To get started, call (888) 886-4596 or visit Maven Program to learn more. 

Kaiser Permanente Members

Call the nurse advice line at (866) 454-8855 or email your doctor for pregnancy support.

Click the link below to find in-person classes and support groups.

Health Net CanopyCare HMO

Call 833-448-2042 8am - 8pm CST or click the button below for the Healthy Pregnancy Program. Learn about benefits for starting a family here.

Expert Advice

For all employees, retirees and their dependents that have elected health plan coverage from the San Francisco Health Service System, you have free access to expert medical review from Best Doctors. When should you contact Best Doctors?

  • You would like an expert second opinion on a high-risk and/or complicated diagnosis.
  • You need an expert review of an abnormal prenatal ultrasound result or any other pregnancy-related test.
  • You have unanswered questions related to any aspect of pregnancy, from preconception to post-birth infant health.
  • You need help finding a physician who is an expert in infertility, high-risk pregnancies, genetic testing, premature births, or other maternity-related specialties.
  • Your child has been admitted into the neonatal intensive care unit and you want an expert neonatologist to review their medical records and have Best Doctors work with your child’s treating team.

Contact Best Doctors and have your medical case and questions carefully reviewed by a world-leading expert. The services are provided at no cost to you and are completely confidential. To learn more or to start a case today, contact Best Doctors at (866) 904-0910 or click here.

Free Pumps & Lactation Support

  • Blue Shield Members

    log on to and fill out the online enrollment form. Or call (888) 886-4596 and request a prenatal education packet.

  • Kaiser Permanente Members

    Receive a retail grade dual electronic breast pump. Call Byram (833) 752-4737 after the birth of your baby. You have 180 days after the birth of your baby to request this pump at no charge.

  • Health Net CanopyCare HMO

    Free Pumps & Lactation Support:

    New mothers can receive one retail-grade breast pump per pregnancy at no cost.  Contact our Customer Contact Center at 1-833-448-2042 or your physician for a list of Durable Medical Suppliers (DME) in your area.

Extra Dental Care

Pregnancy can affect your oral health too. It can increase your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

Delta Dental PPO

Delta Dental PPO will pay for one additional routine cleaning or one additional periodontal scaling and root planning per quadrant to improve your oral health during pregnancy.

United Healthcare Dental

United Healthcare Dental will pay for additional services (Oral Cancer Screening and Preventative Coverage) for expectant Mothers.

Flexible Spending Accounts

You can enroll in or update your FSA elections when you add a newborn to your coverage. For more information contact P&A at (800) 688-2611 or visit

Healthcare FSA

Your healthcare FSA can cover a range of breastfeeding supplies as well as health-related costs for you and your family members.

Dependent Care FSA

A Dependent Care FSA can pay for certified day care, pre-school, day camp, and before or after school programs for children under age 13. Set aside between $250 and $5000 pre-tax per household for the plan year.

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