Talking to Your Child About Tough Issues Affecting the Family -Video Recording

As adults, we face life issues (medical and mental health concerns, divorce, death and dying, financial difficulties, etc.) that often affect our families. As parents, it’s important that we communicate what’s happening to our children in a way that provides comfort and support. Sometimes knowing what to say, or how much to say, can be a roadblock. Parents sometimes want to protect their children by keeping information hidden or secret; however, kids are smart and can sense when something is different. This can lead to frustration or fear on the part of the child. This training will look at various issues families face and techniques for communicating the situation to our children in a healthy manner.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
• Recognize the impact various life issues have on children
• Know what details to share with your child and what should be kept private
• Communicate issues affecting the family in a way that strengthens your child
• Relate to your child in a way that helps them develop empathy and understanding

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