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Onsite Activities

SFHSS wants employees to feel, be and live better every day.  As an organization, we are committed to creating a workplace that supports well-being for all of our employees, retirees, and their family members.  

In an effort to make our well-being resources more accessible, we have developed a suite of onsite activities that can be brought to the workplace, sponsored by the San Francisco Health Service System.  


Step 1

Identify the activity you would like to offer at the workplace

Step 2

Identify the preferred day, time, and location for the resource being requested

Step 3

Download and complete the Event Request Form

Step 4

Reach out to your Well-Being Champion to request the onsite activity. No Champion? Contact

Request an Onsite Activity

  • Healthy Behavior Seminars

    Healthy Eating Seminars: 

    Healthy eating starts with healthy food choices.  Request an onsite activity that can help individuals to create healthy eating habits that are easy and enjoyable.  

    Examples of healthy eating seminars include: Disease Preventing Foods, Healthy Eating at Work, Savvy Grocery Shopping, and food demonstrations.  

    Physical Activity Seminars:

    Everyone is motivated to move for different reasons.  Bring an onsite activity that can help employees to add more movement into each day.  

    Examples of physical activity seminars include: Exercise at Your Workstation, Get Moving and Your Strong and Healthy Back.  

    Stress Management Seminars:

    The power to manage stress is important for increasing your energy, focus, and productivity.  Request a seminar that can help participants feel calmer, less stiff, and more able to address stressful situations.  

    Examples of stress management seminars include:  Healthy Mind, Healthy Body- Managing Stress, Holiday Stress, and Meditation Made Easy.  


    Download the activity description list for more information.  


  • Screenings & Coaching


    Your numbers provide a snapshot of your overall health and can help identify the warning signs of some serious health conditions.  Bring an onsite screening to your workplace to help participants learn their numbers and know their risk.  

    Screenings can include the following measurements:  blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, height and weight (BMI), waist circumference.   


    Wellness Coaches are trained healthcare professionals, educated in health topics including nutrition and fitness. They specialize in helping you set a wellness goal and providing you with tools to succeed.  Request for coaching to be brought to your worksite to help participants set goals that matter to them. 

    Coaching sessions can be requested as one-on-one or group format coaching.  


    Download the activity description list for more information.   

  • Weight Management Programs

    The following programs are offered at worksites with limited availability: 

    Healthy Habits Program: 

    In this 10-week program, a Health Coach will support group participants to adopt healthy behaviors and attitudes for long term weight loss.  

    Topics addressed in this program include stress, sleep, motivation, nutrition, and physical activity.   


    Diabetes Prevention Program:  

    In this 1-year program, individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes can learn to make small, measurable changes that reduce their risk for diabetes.  

    Participants will meet with a Lifestyle Coach for 25 sessions, delivered over 12 months. Contact  to learn more about how to host this program at your worksite.  


    Download the activity description list for more information.  


Well-being resources from your medical provider: 

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