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Financial Well-Being

What is Financial Well-Being?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines financial well-being as a condition where a person can fully meet current and ongoing financial obligations, can feel secure in their financial future and is able to make choices that allow them to enjoy life

Studies show that an individual’s financial wellness can have major impacts on their overall health. With this in mind, the SFHSS Well-Being Team has created this resource page to help our members (employees, retirees, and dependents) access reputable services and tools that can help with achieving your financial goals and reducing money-related stress.  Learn more by exploring the resources to better prepare for unexpected financial emergencies and feel more confident by making decisions that will improve your financial well-being.


      We support our members' financial well-being in the following ways:


      Raise Awareness: Understand the connection between financial wellbeing and overall health.


      Offer Resources: Explore resources to empower members to make educated decisions about their personal financial situations.


      Connect Members to Services: Access free financial coaching and workshops and connect members to trained financial professionals who can provide expert advice and guidance. 

      Find Out Your Financial Well-Being Score

      Answer ten short questions to find out what your current financial well-being score is and see steps you can take to improve it. 

      How it works:

      • Answer questions and get your score instantly.
      • You won’t be asked any personal financial information. 
      • Review steps you can take to improve your score.
      • See how your score compares to other adults from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s national survey.
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      Financial Well-Being Resources

      Access simple tip sheets on a variety of topics related to finances.  Learn about mortgages, reducing debt, paying for college, planning for retirement and more.

      Smart Money Coaching

      Get support on your financial goals from a certified financial advisor.  Free appointments available in English, Spanish and Chinese!

      Planning for Retirement

      SFERS Counselors are offering FREE Webinars on a variety of topics to help you save for the future and plan during uncertain times.

      Student Loan Resources

      Learn about new student loan resources and the different types of programs that can benefit your specific need. Explore the new Public Service Loan Forgiveness page & view a webinar at the Office of Financial Empowerment.

      Money Talks: Plan for Tomorrow, Today

      Watch this webinar to learn about financial health, managing your budget, and maximizing your workplace savings. Click Here to watch.

      Make Your Benefits Work For You!

      It’s important to periodically review your benefit offerings, especially during open enrollment, to ensure that you are utilizing the best coverage options for your unique situation.

      By leveraging your employee benefits, you can potentially save a significant amount of your hard-earned money from out of pocket costs.  These benefits can protect you and your family from the unexpected while ensuring a more stable financial future.  Click here to learn more about your SFHSS benefits.

      Examples of Employee Benefits:

      • Pet Insurance

        The average vet visit can range between $50 to $400. SFHSS voluntary pet insurance can cover up to 90% of your pet’s vet costs. 

        Learn more about Pets Best pet insurance.

      • Healthcare FSA and Childcare Dependent Care FSA

        By setting up a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can set aside pre-tax dollars for qualified out-of-pocket Healthcare and Childcare Dependent Care expenses. The maximum annual contribution is $5,000 ($2,500 if you are married and file separate income tax returns), but no more than the lesser of the earned income of you or your spouse.

        Learn more about Healthcare and Childcare Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts here.

      • Identify Theft Protection

        Falling victim to identity theft can have tremendous financial repercussions. This voluntary benefit monitors and alerts you if your information is being used fraudulently in credit card applications, loans, mortgages, and similar credit based applications. The plan also provides identity restoration services and coverage up to $1,000,000.

        Download the Lifelock Identity Theft Protection flyer here.

      • Surrogacy and Adoption

        Surrogacy and adoption fees can be cost-prohibitive. SFHSS provides a one-time reimbursement of up to $15,000 to eligible SFHSS members for qualified expenses related to either an eligible adoption or eligible surrogacy.

        Learn more on our Surrogacy and Adoption page.

      • Estate Planning

        Having a lawyer prepare the necessary estate planning documents can cost between $800 to $3,500. SFHSS offers members
        no-cost legal assistance to prepare a living will or power of attorney. This benefit can help provide peace of mind, let family
        members know your wishes and protect your beneficiaries' financial future.

        Learn more about estate planning here.