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Wellvolution is Blue Shield’s digital healthcare platform that provides digital clinical programs based on lifestyle medicine approaches to help people lose weight and lower their risk for diseases like obesity and diabetes.  Wellvolution includes some in person programs for those at risk for diabetes.  All programs are free to the member. Wellvolution Programs Flyer


Behavioral counseling related to Healthy Diet, Physical Activity and Obesity is available if you have a chronic condition such as Diabetes, Coronary artery disease (CAD), Heart failure, Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Please talk to your physician for more information. A nurse who will work closely with you one-on-one to answer your questions. Other features include in-person (where available) or online self-management workshops, self-management tools, interactive online tools and educational materials. The Wellvoltuion platform is now available in Spanish, members can go to and choose the language preference of either English or Espanol. 

Fitness Your Way

Convenient. Affordable. Flexible. Get basic, multi-access to a network of thousands of gyms nationwide – no long-term commitments. Fitness Your Way is available to members and their dependents over age 18 who have healthcare coverage with a participating Blue Shield of California plan.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • How it Works

    How does it work?

    1. Member accesses information and reviews digital programs at
    2. Member creates an account
    3.  Member answers 10-15 questions designed to identify unique health risks and health goals.
    4. Member reviews recommended programs based on health risks, downloads the app of the program of their choice and begins participating and improving their health
  • What is available to help me lose weight and reverse risk for diabetes, obesity, and heart disease?

    Wellvolution Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss programs include the following, depending upon your health risks and which program you select:

    1. DNA and Gut Biome tests
    2. One on one coaching by email, phone, or text
    3. group coaching with a personal Health Coach
    4. Digital Weight Scale sent to your home to track your weight loss and share with your coach
    5. Ability to earn a Free Fitbit Device to track your exercise and share with your coach
    6. Delicious Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping Lists
    7. Fresh Meal Delivery Available
    8. Learn new cooking skills by professional chefs
    9. Fun, motivating exercise tips and support from personal trainers
    10. Stress reduction techniques so you can make more time for what you love 

Health Net CanopyCare HMO

Health & Wellness Benefits

Health assessment: The health assessment provides you with a custom report of your behavioral and medical health risks. After taking the online survey, you’ll receive a personal action plan.

Health Coaching program: Enjoy one-on-one wellness support by telephone with a health coach. You can choose from a number of topics like nutrition, stress management, exercise, tobacco cessation, weight loss, and more.

Eat Right Now: New for 2024, Health Net offers Eat Right Now* by Sharecare. It combines the Eat Right Now Mindful Eating and Eat Right Now Diabetes Prevention & Weight Loss programs to support the full spectrum of eating, weight management and DPP needs. The combined Eat Right Now program takes the same whole human approach used in the standard Eat Right Now program, addressing both mental and physical factors to reduce craving-related eating and foster sustainable, positive eating habits. Whether members are focused on preventing type 2 diabetes, weight loss, or mindful eating, each individual will be placed in the program track that meets them where they are in their health journey. More information coming soon!  *Program is pending regulatory review  

For all Health Net CanopyCare HMO members Call the Customer Contact Center at 1-833-448-2042 - Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST. 

Other Health Net CanopyCare HMO Resources

  • Discover myStrength

    Discover myStrength With myStrength, you get private access to self-help tools, tips, and daily inspiration. myStrength can help you become and stay healthy – in body and mind. Find help for stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. Visit for more information.

  • Discount Programs

    Find a fitness center or stay active at home! With the Active&Fit Direct program, you’ll have access to:

    • 11,000+ Standard Fitness Centers and Studios
    • 5,000+ NEW Premium Exercise Studios and Fitness Centers
    • 4,000+ Digital Workout Videos
    • NEW Enroll Your Spouse (or domestic partner)
    • Lifestyle Coaching 
    • No Long-Term Contracts

    All starting at just $28 a month. Go to or call 877-771-2746

    Members must be age 18 or older to take part. There is a three-month commitment required. The Active&Fit Direct Program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH).

  • Eat Right Now Flyer & FAQs

    Diets don’t always work. The short-term fix for what can be a lifelong problem. Eat Right Now isn’t a diet. It’s a new 28-day program that wants to help you to rewire your brain so you can develop new eatinhabits that will help lead to weight loss and help you to maintain your ideal weight, with less stress and effort.

Kaiser Permanente HMO

Medical Weight Management Program

This program may be the answer if you have at least 40 pounds to lose. It can help you make positive, lasting changes to improve your health, increase your energy, and help you live life to the fullest. The 82-week program features low-calorie meal replacements, medical monitoring by a team of Kaiser Permanente medical professionals, and weekly behavior change strategy sessions.

Join us for a free, one-hour information session to find out more about this program. Open to the community. Visit for orientation dates and times.

Services and products described here are provided on a fee-for-service basis and are separate from and not covered under members’ health plan benefits, and members are financially responsible to pay for them. For information go to and search on the term “medical weight management”. This program is only available at specific Kaiser Permanente locations. Click the button below to find participating locations.

Learn More
  • Request a Referral to a Registered Dietitian

    Your physician may refer you for individual nutrition consultations for medical conditions that require dietary changes.

  • Classes

    Attend classes facilitated by registered dietitians and other qualified experts in behavior change and obesity, such as reading and understanding how to read a nutrition label, healthy grocery shopping, healthy eating and weight management.

    Go here to join a healthy eating class or call the Health Education department in your area.

  • Over-the-Phone

    Partner with a wellness coach to create a customized plan that outline small, easy steps you can take to eat healthier or manage your weight.

    Schedule phone sessions at times that work for you. No referral is needed. Call (866) 862-4295. Monday through Friday, 7:00am-7:00pm PST and Saturdays from 8:30am-5pm PST.

  • Total Health Assessment

    The Total Health Assessment is an easy-to-use online survey that gives you a big-picture view of your health and personalized recommendations to help reach your goals. It only takes about 10 minutes and there's no cost to members.

    You'll get different kinds of support depending on the answers you provide, including:

    • Healthy activities you can do in your day-to-day life
    • Tips on how to stay aware of your habits and make changes that last
    • Tools and resources to help jump-start your wellness journey, including online healthy lifestyle programs

     To get started, sign in to your online account at

    Before you start, it's a good idea to have some health info handy, such as your weight, waist measurement, and recent lab test results.

United Healthcare

Health & Wellness Benefits

Weight Management Program Real Appeal $0 copay

Start living a healthier and happier life with help from Real Appeal®, an online weight loss program available at no additional cost.

Get started today at or call 1-844-924-7325, TTY 711 Monday - Friday, 4 a.m. - 8 p.m. PT. *Real Appeal is available at no additional cost to members with a BMI of 19 and higher. If you are pregnant, please speak with your primary care physician before joining the program.

Let's Move program $0 copay

At no additional cost to you, Let’s Move by UnitedHealthcare is here to help keep your mind, body and social life active. 

Get started today at or call 1-844-924-7325, TTY 711 Monday - Friday, 4 a.m. - 8 p.m. PT. 

Other United Healthcare Resources

  • Nutritional Therapy Services

    Nutritional Therapy Services $15 copay (Up to 4 visits per plan year)* $15 copay (Up to 4 visits per plan year)*

  • Virtual Nutritional Therapy Services

    Virtual Nutritional Therapy Services $0 copay; coverage includes 4 virtual nutritional counseling visits per year. Not limited to any medical conditions. Benefit is available through provider Kroger Health.

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Mar 1, 2024