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Blue Shield of California

Diabetes Prevention Program is part of the Wellvolution Platform available at
Blue Shield of California wants to provide members with a better approach to improving health. Blue Shield believes that  “wellness” is a thing of the past, and instead, “lifestyle” is a form of medicine that has the power to not only prevent but treat and reverse disease. Wellvolution is Blue Shield’s digital healthcare platform that provides digital clinical programs based on lifestyle medicine approaches to help people lose weight and lower their risk for diseases like obesity, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.  Wellvolution includes some in person programs for those at risk for diabetes.  All programs are free to the member. Wellvolution Programs Flyer

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Frequently Ask Questions

  • How does Wellvolution work?
    1.  Member accesses information and reviews digital programs at
    2. Member creates an account
    3. Member answers 10-15 questions designed to identify unique health risks and health goals
    4. Member reviews recommended programs based on health risks, downloads the app of the program of their choice and begins participating and improving their health
  • What is available to help me lose weight and reverse risk for diabetes, obesity, and heart disease?

    Wellvolution Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss programs include the following, depending upon your health risks and which program you select:

    1. One on one coaching by email, phone, or text
    2. group coaching with a personal Health Coach
    3. Digital Weight Scale sent to your home to track your weight loss
    4. Ability to earn a Free Fitbit Device to track your exercise and share with your coach
    5. Delicious Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping Lists
    6. Fresh Meal Delivery Available
    7. Fun, motivating exercise tips and support from personal trainers
    8. Stress reduction techniques so you can make more time for what you love 

Kaiser Permanente HMO

Diabetes is a rapidly growing health problem. You can prevent or manage diabetes by taking action and making healthy lifestyle changes. Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of classes, support groups, and online resources to help you live your best life.

To focus on diabetes prevention, Kaiser Permanente offers classes and support groups in different fashions for our members’ convenience:

  • Prediabetes and you (2-hour class)
  • Healthy Weight 1 (6 sessions)
  • Healthy Weight Online Class (6 sessions)


  • Wellness coaches can help you make lifestyle behavior changes around healthy eating, physical activity, and weight management. Call (866) 862-4295 for an appointment or visit to learn more.

United Healthcare

Weight-loss program Real Appeal® is a simple, step-by-step online program that helps make losing weight fun. The program offers tools that may help you lose weight, reduce your risk of developing  serious health conditions, gain energy and achieve your long-term health goals, at no  additional cost. When you enroll in Real Appeal you will receive:

  • A Transformation Coach who leads weekly online group sessions
  • Online tools to help you track your food, activity and weight loss progress
  • A Success Kit with food and weight scales, recipes, workout DVDs and more — shipped directly to your door. And so much more to help you live a healthier life. After you become a member, we will connect you to many programs and tools that may  help you on your wellness journey. You will get information soon after your coverage  becomes effective.
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Health Net CanopyCare HMO plan

Eat Right NowNew for 2024, Health Net offers Eat Right Now by Sharecare. It combines the Eat Right Now Mindful Eating and Eat Right Now Diabetes Prevention & Weight Loss programs to support the full spectrum of eating, weight management and DPP needs. The combined Eat Right Now program takes the same whole human approach used in the standard Eat Right Now program, addressing both mental and physical factors to reduce craving-related eating and foster sustainable, positive eating habits. Whether members are focused on preventing type 2 diabetes, weight loss, or mindful eating, each individual will be placed in the program track that meets them where they are in their health journey. More information coming soon! *Program is pending regulatory review                                      

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  • Routine Eye Exams may detect early stages of retinopathy associated with pre-diabetes. Finding this early can prevent more damage. 


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Mar 1, 2024