May 28, 2020 Special (Virtual) Board Meeting

This Special Health Service Board meeting will be held on the fourth Thursday of this month at 11:00 am. This meeting is open to the public. SFHSS members are encouraged to attend.

--> For a complete archive of past Health Service Board meeting broadcasts, please visit SFGovTV here.

Due to the COVID-19 health emergency and to protect our Board Members, SFHSS staff, and members of the public, the Board’s Meeting Room (Room 416) is closed. Members of the public are encouraged to participate remotely. If you want to ensure your comment on any item on the agenda is received by the Board in advance of the meeting, please send an email to by 5 pm on Wednesday, May 13 or call (628) 652-4638.

Rules and Guidelines for the Special Health Service Board Meeting:

  • This Special Meeting has limited agenda items, the following Regular Meeting Agenda items will not be presented:
    • General Public Comment, the Director's Report, the President's Report, the Financial Report, updates from Health Plan Representatives, and agenda item requests. 
  • All Public Comment will be 3 minutes in length.
  • All Public Comments are to be made concerning the agenda item that has just been presented.
  • Any Public Comment made by a member of the public that is outside of the current agenda presentation will be asked to hold their comment. The person will be asked to hold their comment until the appropriate agenda item is called.                                               

     This meeting will be conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform and will be broadcasted on the SFGov Tv website. Please follow the instructions below to access the meeting and for complete instructions when calling into the meeting to give public comment on an item.                                           

                                                      Health Service Board Remote Meeting Access Information

Please stream the HSB meeting using this link: 

NOTE: Depending on your broadband/WIFI connection, there may be a 30-second to 2-minute delay when viewing the meeting live.

CONFERENCE LINE DIAL IN: (888) 808-6929 / Access Code: 5540616

After entering the access code, press # to listen to the meeting (There is no delay when listening to the meeting using this number.)

Instructions Regarding Providing Public Comment:

1.    DIAL the Toll-Free number listed above for the meeting.
2.    Enter the ACCESS CODE listed above then press #.
3.    Press # again to join the meeting as a participant.
4.    When you hear that “you are connected to the meeting as a participant”:
b)    Wait for Public Comment to be announced (either by item # or under New Business)
5.    When the Commission Secretary calls for Public Comment, dial ‘1’ then ‘0’ to be added to the speaker line.
6.    When the system message says your line is unmuted, provide your comment after the tone [BEEP] – THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY

TO PROVIDE YOUR PUBLIC COMMENT (this is not a question-and-answer period, this is your time to provide a statement).
7.    You will have 3 minutes to provide your comments.
8.    Once your 3 minutes have ended, you will be moved out of the speaker line and back to listening as a participant in the meeting (unless you disconnect).
9.    Participants who wish to speak on the other items on the agenda may stay on the meeting line and listen for the Commission Secretary’s next prompt for public comment.

Best Practices when calling in for Public Comment:

•    Call from a quiet location
•    Speak slowly and clearly
•    Turn down any televisions or radios around you
•    Address the Commission as a whole, do not address individual Commissioners

Questions or comments regarding this meeting or board materials should be directed to: 
Board Secretary
c/o San Francisco Health Service System 
1145 Market Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
phone: (628) 652-4638
fax: (628) 652-4702