In Times of Crisis

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Disruptive events/critical incidents like the death of a colleague, a natural or man-made disaster, severe workplace injury, workplace violence, feeling threatened or witnessing a violent or disturbing act can leave employees with physical, emotional, mental and behavioral symptoms. Following such an event, employees may find it difficult to focus at work and may experience impact to their personal lives.


Your EAP Counselors are trained to respond to these disruptive events/critical incidents. Employee Assistance is here for you and your employees to support and help guide you and your employees so you can get back to normal functioning as soon as possible.

Services Available

  • Psychological First Aid

    Your EAP counselors are here to help you with Psychological First Aid, the evidence-informed approach for assisting people in the immediate aftermath of a disruptive event / critical incident.  Psychological First Aid is aimed at reducing initial distress and to fostering short and long term adaptive functioning.

    Call EAP for a consultation to determine if this is appropriate for your group.

  • Disruptive Event/Critical Incident Response

    When a disruptive event / critical incident event occurs, typical everyday functioning is disrupted for a period of time. Attending to employee needs for information, comfort and time to process the event is an important part of helping employees and the workplace return to full functioning.

    Call EAP for a consultation to determine how we can support if you have a disruptive event in your workplace.

    Print this handout for your employees. 

  • Grief Support

    The death of a co-worker can leave employees feeling shocked, sad, confused or numb. Each person’s experience of a loss is unique and often based upon both past experience and current life events. Some people may experience an acute reaction to the loss with significant emotional upset, while others may experience numbness and want to retreat. Contact EAP to determine how we can be of help and support during these difficult times.

  • Chronic Stress Support

    Employees in jobs where stress is high and control feels low can suffer from chronic stress and burnout. Contact EAP for a consultation to determine how we might be of help to you and your employees.