The Impact of Attitude on Work and Life

While you obviously need the appropriate knowledge and skills to do your job, the mindset with which you approach your work plays a dominant role in your ability to perform. If you’re discouraged, you work sluggishly,
think small and give up easily. However, when you feel good, confident and exhilarated you can win people to your side and create dazzling projects. This workshop will help participants explore how attitude can change their life and will provide them with opportunities to develop a more positive mindset.

Describe the power of your own mind
• Identify positive self talk vs. negative self talk
• Describe how self-fulfilling prophecies work
Describe the relationship between attitude and success
• Describe ways to overcome fear of failure
• Identify how to use a positive attitude to get what you want
Identify ways to use your attitude in dealing with other people
• Describe strategies for dealing with people who have a bad attitude