Executive Director's April 2023 Message

Photo of a woman's hand writing on a pad with a black pen.


Spring in San Francisco is always a treat. I’m looking forward to seeing the wildflower blooms from all the recent rain on my hikes. I can’t wait for the City to come alive with music and festivals in the park.

The start of Spring means we’re a third of the way through the year, so if you’ve been putting off your annual health check-ups, please schedule your appointments now. Each year, HSS reviews the benefits utilization with our vendors and one benefit really stood out to me. I was surprised to see how few members have used our enhanced vision benefits with VSP that include blue light filtering lens for eye protection. We all are spending so much time in front of our cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. Even if you think your sight is good now, it doesn’t mean you’re doing all that can be done to protect your long-term vision health. Annual eye exams can help with early detection of any disease or potential impairment to your vision. If you don’t need vision correction, you can use your regular frame allowance for ready-made non-prescription blue light filtering glasses or sunglasses

April is also when we celebrate Earth Day—a great time to pause and reflect. As a mom of two grown young men, I want to leave our planet in better shape to ensure a healthy future. I’ve been a San Franciscan for most of my adult life, but the farm girl in me loved swimming in lakes, hiding in the fields and eating fresh fruits right off the tree. Things that are considered upcycling now was just our way of life back then. We took scraps from old worn-out clothes to sew into quilts. We reused jars for our homemade jam. Small things like that can make it fun doing our part for the planet.


Be well,

Abbie Yant, RN, MA