Executive Director's March 2023 Message

Executive Director Writing

Just last week, I was enjoying some Danish cookies a co-worker brought into the office and realized that I may need to cut back on my cookie intake for National Nutrition Month in March. With the relentless storms and freezing temperatures, it feels like we’ve all resorted to comfort foods to keep our bellies full and our bones warm. This makes March the perfect time to reevaluate our diets and see where we can swap a dish for something healthier.

I am neither advocating for nor discouraging against any particular diet. I’ve always believed that as individuals, we need to do what’s right for us and do what we are able to sustain. If you’re able to follow the regimen and requirements of a diet, then that’s wonderful. Keep it up. If you’re struggling to get dinner on the table on-time, then I recommend starting small with a few dish swaps. For example, can you try fruits for dessert instead of cookies or cupcakes or some roasted veggies instead of mac and cheese? A little planning and some small swaps can make a meaningful difference without taking any more time.  

If you’re living with an amazing woman, this is a great time to take the initiative on some food prep this month for the household. March is Women’s History Month. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” It is a great time to show appreciation for the women in your lives and reflect on the journey, history and contributions of all the women who came before.

I am fortunate to have women leaders who came before me and demonstrated that women can lead an organization to success. I am I grateful for all the mentors and champions who advocated for me to be in a leadership role. We all need to encourage and continue this cycle of making space and lifting women up into leadership positions, so they can be part of building a successful future for our city.

Be Well, 

Abbie Yant, RN, MA