Executive Director's November Message

Executive Director Writing a letter


Thanksgiving is around the corner. I just returned from the East Coast where the Autumn leaves color the landscape and give rise to the quiet time of winter. In our rather large and individualistic family, we have roots in a long-standing tradition of gathering at Thanksgiving. These days it is not often that everyone can gather as we are spread across the U.S., which is why we treasure our time together, all or some of us, during Thanksgiving.

For the past two years, I’ve had several occasions to spend quality time with my extended family outside of the holidays for more somber reasons. The cumulative losses that we have shared has brought us together more than usual. It has given me time to pause and reflect on the influences from several generations on who I have become and what I value and continues to offer me substance and growth.

Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to reflect on who we are and where we are headed. Family traditions can be an anchor that defines who we are and our roles within our families. Just as yeast gives rise to bread, our families bind us together.

I’m planning to host Thanksgiving for my California family and I’m thankful the new bivalent COVID booster and the annual flu vaccine is available now, so my family can gather with a bit less worry about COVID and Influenza. Peace of mind is not sold on any store shelf, so if you haven’t gotten your booster or flu shot, I recommend you get it now and encourage your entire family to get the booster and their flu vaccine before gathering for Thanksgiving.

This year’s Thanksgiving will be a celebration of who we are today with gratitude and appreciation for the family that shaped us. As we gather to share a meal that binds us, I hope your time together will be filled with stories of the past and desires for the future.


Be well,

Abbie Yant, RN, MA