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All of us have behaviors that we’ve developed into our daily routines, some of which we do without thinking.  This may include sitting at the computer for long periods of time without taking a break, cradling the phone to read, texting for long periods, slouching in a chair or even just how you carry groceries.  Repetition and the length of time in which we unconsciously engage in these behaviors can lead to painful and chronic conditions over time. It is possible to prevent these conditions by incorporating good ergonomic techniques into your daily routines.

Proper ergonomics is the practice of helping to fit a job or task to the individual person. City employees work in different environments including offices, in the field, or at-home telecommute spaces. Incorporating a proper ergonomic set up increase your productivity and energy—and decrease fatigue and muscle soreness. Check out our Setup and Go tools below to get started.

Setup and Go


Steps to Better Ergonomics:

Take the Online Ergonomics Training

The Department of Human Resources (DHR) provides a 30-minute ergonomics training available to all employees. Use this training to learn about the basics of ergonomics and how to setup your personal workstation at home.  

Access the training:

  • Login to SF Employee Portal (PeopleSoft)
  • Navigate to SF Learning, under the My Links tab
  • Search for the training using Class Code: HRD19038-0001

Take Active Breaks Every Day

Aim to move at least once each hour.  Active breaks can include: standing up for a call, getting a water refill, taking a quick walk around the workspace, or doing a quick stretch.  This will allow you to take a rest from work while exercising different muscles throughout the day.

Use this movement guide to add activity throughout your day.  Choose from 6 different sets of exercises to incorporate into each day. Find additional ideas for active breaks below!

Check Your Workspace Setup Often

Practice and reinforce what you learn in training and maintain your workspace ergonomics. 

Download this self-assessment tool created by the Department of Public Health to help you maintain the ergonomics of your workspace. 

This will create a habit to check your workspace and can provide you with an increased awareness and understanding of your ergonomic needs.  

Additional Ergonomics Resources