SFHSS Strategic Plan 2020-2022

The strategic plan 2020-2022 goals are outlined below. For further details on our strategic plan framework, guiding principles, and supporting details, click here to view the SFHSS Strategic Plan

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Affordable and Sustainable

We aspire to transform healthcare purchasing and care delivery to provide quality, affordable and sustainable health care for our current and our future members through value driven decisions, programs, designs and services.

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Reduce Complexity and Fragmentation

We believe in  moving toward an integrated delivery system, focusing on primary care and prevention, and targeting and personalizing care.

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Engage and Support

We want to make sure that programs, services, and resources address the entire cycle of health, elevate engagement, and strengthens member knowledge and confidence in accessing and using health and benefit plans.

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Choice and Flexibility

We believe in offering a spectrum of designs, costs and services and collaborating with our stakeholder organizations, agencies and departments to deliver on the whole person perspective.

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Whole Person Health and Well-Being

We believe an organization that values and supports members and families' lives holistically and fosters an environment and culture of well-being will have a happier, healthier, and more engaged population.