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Healthy Habits Program

It’s how you feel every day, inside and out. 

Maintaining healthy habits means making small changes that add up to big success.  No matter what your goal is—boost your confidence, fit into your favorite jeans, get your family’s weight on track, reduce or prevent health problems—the Healthy Habits Program can offer information and tools to help you succeed.  

Join this 6-week program led by a Lifestyle Coach who will provide guided discussions that impact healthy behaviors for nutrition, exercise, stress, and staying motivated.

The most valuable part about the Healthy Habits Program was being able to share experiences and meet new people that share the same goals. 

Running shoes stacked on notebook with water and towel

Program Features:

  • A 6-week online program, one-hour virtual sessions

  • Topics discussed include: motivation, stress, healthy eating, physical activity, and goal setting

  • Group discussions led by a trained Lifestyle Coach

  • Participate with the convenience of meeting virtually

  • Participation is voluntary and free.

Program Schedule

  1. Starts February 15, Meets Wednesdays 12:00pm-1:00pm -Click Here To Register

For questions, contact 

*Space is limited.  

Healthy Habits Program FAQ's

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