What is Better Every Day?

The SFHSS Well-Being Team helps our members to feel, live, and be Better Every Day. We encourage and facilitate well-being by raising awareness, providing programs, services and tools and striving to create a supportive workplace culture. The SFHSS Well-Being Division has several core functions: the Employee Assistance Program, Well-Being@Work, retiree services, healthy behavior campaigns and challenges, and targeted interventions. The SFHSS Well-Being Team leverages existing well-being services offered through the health plans. With the support of the Well-Being Sponsors: The Mayor’s Office, Controller’s Office, and the Department of Human Resources, the SFHSS Well-Being Team strives to transform the workplace into one that supports employee well-being.

When we focus on well-being…

  • Today we feel immediate benefits, like more energy and more happiness. We are more engaged and productive at work and play.  

  • Tomorrow the daily benefits accumulate to better our health by helping us avoid chronic conditions and injury.  

  • In the Future, the quality of our life in retirement is improved.  


Better Every Day

We are here to help members feel, live, and be Better Every Day.  

To be Better Every Day, we support members in focusing on Healthy Behaviors, Emotional Well-Being, and Condition & Prevention Management. Foundational to our approach is developing the organization’s commitment which is demonstrated by:

  1. Raising awareness.
  2. Providing programs, services and tools.
  3. Striving to create a supportive workplace culture.

Healthy Behaviors 

Every day we are faced with choices that influence our energy, our health, our future. We want healthy behaviors to be the easier choice every day. Components of living healthy include:

  • Physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Sleep
  • Weight management
  • Tobacco cessation

Emotional Well-Being

How we feel emotionally impacts our physical and mental health. It colors every experience and influences those around us. We believe that with awareness and care we can strive to feel better every day. Components of feeling good are:

  • Stress management  
  • Resilience
  • Sense of purpose & community  
  • Meaningful & supportive relationships  
  • Healthy communication, managing emotions & conflict resolution
  • Job satisfaction
  • Financial well-being

Get Care - Prevention and Condition Management 

At SFHSS, we want the best, affordable care for our members. We regularly evaluate the quality of our benefits and keep premiums competitive and copays low. By accessing preventive care you can keep costs down and improve your health at the same time. Components of getting care includes:

  • Preventive care  
  • Condition management  
  • Right level of care  
  • Informed consumer
  • Advanced Directives

SFHSS Better Every Day - Member Stories 

We spoke with a range of members about how they’ve made well-being a part of their lives. Looking for inspiration? Check out their stories below.