Executive Director's August Message

Executive Director's August Message

I started my summer seeing some beautiful faces I’ve missed while we were sheltering-in-place. I went to the wedding of a lifelong friend of my kids in Sonoma. It was great to see my family and their family gather to celebrate the newlyweds. When I got back to work, I felt I was able to better focus on the new strategic goals we’re putting together for my department. I was so productive after that time off, I decided to take my friend up on their long-standing offer to stay at their ranch. We’re going to visit Montana and Wyoming. I’ve never stayed on a ranch, so that will be a new experience and I’m looking forward to it.

Many of us are taking summer vacations this year in the continuing surreal time of the pandemic. We all need a break from our routines, whether it is work or other activities. Summer vacations offer us a chance to take some time off to relax and recharge. With all the challenges we’re facing, we need to do what we can to take care of our health and well-being, which is why I encourage everyone to take a vacation as your work allows. I felt my time off allowed me to come back to work with fresh eyes and new perspective to tackle a challenge where I felt stuck before.

While you’re out enjoying the sunshine, please remember you can use your Healthcare FSA account to pay for sunscreen and your VSP Vision benefits to buy prescription sunglasses. It’s great to get vitamin D the natural and safe way.

If a vacation isn’t in your future, be sure to take time for self-care as it’s a great way to build resilience to life’s stressors. Everyone experiences stress in their lives. If you can find ways to manage stress that work for you, then you will be able to handle whatever life throws at you.

Be well,

Abbie Yant