Executive Director's January Message

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It’s a new year and I am hopeful 2022 will be the year we find our new normal. Maybe it won’t be exactly the same as before the pandemic, but if we keep an open mind, it could be better. This past holiday, I was prepping for my small family gathering the way I did prior to the pandemic, but during Thanksgiving, I learned that I didn’t need to. I could just sit back and let my grown kids do all the preparation, cooking, baking, table setting—you name it, they did it. All I had to do was give them our favorite family recipes. Then, I stayed out of the kitchen to get out of their way, and showed up to enjoy the feast. I was a little nervous at first, but it was AWESOME. And I let them do it again for Christmas, but this time I was more relaxed with a cup of mint tea and a good book in hand.

Last year at the start of 2021, San Franciscans were just getting vaccinated with the new mRNA based COVID-19 vaccine. A full year has passed and we know these vaccines are safe and effective. I’ve been in healthcare my entire career and I didn’t hesitate to get my booster shot the moment I was eligible, and I made sure my family got their booster shots before we gathered for the holidays. Even though we have a new COVID variant surging around the nation, this time around, we also have vaccines that can help us prevent serious illness or death. That is why I am full of nothing but hope for a brighter 2022.

If you haven’t gotten your booster shot, now is the time to do so. COVID vaccine booster shots are widely available through your provider or local pharmacy. We have updated our vaccine resource page to help you find an appointment.

I know the news may be disheartening right now, but we’ve been through this before and we will get through this together. I’m working on setting new health goals to get back on track after more than a year of pandemic sourdough baking. Our Well-Being team will be launching our annual Live Feel Be Better campaign with resources, proven techniques and support to help members achieve their health goals in 2022. Let’s focus on a healthier future together. 

Be well,

Abbie Yant, RN
Executive Director