Group Developing Annual Plan

Developing an Annual Plan


The San Francisco Health Service System approaches well-being through three components within the Annual Plan. 

  • Raise Awareness focuses on department-wide and targeted communications to  promote well-being resources and activities
  • Offer Programs provides opportunities to engage employees in well-being activities and events with the opportunity to tailor well-being and make it more accessible for employees.
  • Create a Culture supports leadership with tools to help them advocate to align well-being with the departments core values and priorities

Departments must prioritize well-being in their overall strategy, in order to have a successful Annual Plan.


Annual Plan Components:

Establish an Annual Plan:

Step 1

Complete Overview Training - Gather as a group (Department Lead/Champions) to complete the Annual Overview Training provided by SFHSS.

Step 2

Develop Tailored Strategy - Establish a timeline and identify objectives for well-being efforts coordinated by Key Player(s).

Step 3

Implement and Engage - Bring well-being to the workplace with SFHSS sponsored activities and Department-Led programs.

Step 4

Check-In and Evaluate- Meet with SFHSS Well-Being Coordinator quarterly to update and evaluate the progress of your Annual Plan.



 I believe in prioritizing well-being for employees because employees are the City’s greatest asset. 

Chief Natasha parks; SFFD Acting Battalion, Chief of Health, Safety & Wellness


Well-Being@Work Resources  

Learn more about the tools that can help you raise awareness, offer programs, and create a culture of well-being at your department location.