Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness Sun OrangeRaise Awareness helps to increase visibility and accessibility of well-being resources.

Choosing the right communications platforms and frequency of messages is important when bringing awareness to programs, activities, and resources that are available to city employees. As a Well-Being@Work Key Player, one of your goals is to develop a recurring consistent department wide communications that focus on well-being. It’s important to understand your audience and the diverse workforce that represents your department. Work with your SFHSS Well-Being Coordinator to develop a strong and impactful communications plan to help raise awareness.


Get Started Today:

Step 1

Create a consistent frequency for dedicated well-being messaging.

Step 2

Choose at least 3 communication platforms that will work best for your department.

Group of CCSF Employees

Consider these Communication Platforms

Identify which communications tools would be most meaningful and impactful.  Consider the makeup of your workforce and how you can access all employees within the department. 

Examples include:

  • Department-wide Emails
  • Intranet/Staff Portal
  • Newsletter
  • All Staff Meetings
  • Bulletin Boards
  • TV/Digital Signage
  • Shared Folders (MS Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive)
  • Social Media

Looking for Content?

Checkout the available well-being resources below to help you create content for your communications.

Health Topics

Learn more about the different health topics available and receive well-being information and resources by topic area.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a variety of free confidential counseling, consultation, resources, and education services. 


Resources to help you flourish mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Get access to apps, podcasts, videos, articles, books, and more. 

Events & Activities

Promote the upcoming citywide events and activities to help raise awareness around healthy behaviors and emotional well-being.  

Well-Being@Work Resources  

Learn more about the tools that can help you raise awareness, offer programs, and create a culture of well-being at your department location.