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April 15, 2021

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health is just as important as physical health to achieving overall well-being. Simple things like practicing self-care, writing down our thoughts and feelings, and reaching out for support can make a big

Financial Coaching

March 25, 2021

Financial Well-Being

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau financial well-being is a condition where a person can fully meet current and ongoing financial obligations, can feel secure in


February 26, 2021

March is Nutrition Month

What we put into our bodies, gives us the fuel and energy to be our best selves each day. If we’re putting in not so healthy foods, we may

Employee sitting at desk

December 9, 2020

Setup & Go

All of us have behaviors, some of which we do without thinking, that we’ve developed into our daily routines. This may include going long periods of


December 9, 2020

Flu season is here again!

Every fall, we know the Flu is coming and need to get prepared. With the current prevention efforts for Covid-19, you may be confused on how best to avoid catching the seasonal


March 5, 2021

WebEX: Living Heart Healthy

Become familiar with key healthy behaviors to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke. This seminar includes a discussion of physiology, risk factors and prevention of heart